Animations Made Possible Through The Use Of
Morphing/Warping  Software Provide By MeeSoft
This page was created August 22nd, 2004, for the purpose of illustrating the endless possibilities of what a Graphics
Artist can create when he/she has the proper software to work with.  More animations will be added  as I continue to
use the best Morphing/Warping Software to date.  All animations will begin simply by mousing over the image you
want to see animated.  
There isn't much more beautiful than to watch a rose opening up to full blossom.  Unfortunately,
it takes to long so I sped it up a bit.  This animation was created from two frames, one with the
bud fully opened and the very last one when the rose is in full blossom..  With a little morphing
and warping, I was able to create the rose bud and all the frames in between.  I was totally
surprised by the insignificant amount of discoloration that i would normally experience using
other morphing/warping programs, this being my first time using a MeeSoft Program.
Bring a smile to Jack's face or make the flame
dance inside with Smart Morph from MeeSoft.
Or integrate frames built
with Smart Morph into your
construction of an
animation project.
Trying to create a gradual water motion to make the light
reflection actually glimmer is a trick.  After several attempts to
create that affect with individual frames in Paints, I found Smart
Morph. MeeSoft  made it easy.
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